Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2015 Blocks Finished

We finish off the year in brights and triangles--super way to bring 2015 home!  These are the December bee blocks for Elizabeth R. and it was super easy, so I made two. For those of you who happen on this block from the web, we started with 7" blocks, sewed on either side of the diagonal line, then cut them apart to make two HST.  Another round of that, and now we have one block.  
I love them by themselves, but I'm sure they'll be gorgeous all in a quilt with their mates.

Do you remember helping me on this quilt?  I love it!
Merry Christmas, everyone, and see you in January!


  1. Pretty colors in your HST blocks Elizabeth!! Nice seeing your Christmas bee quilt again!

  2. Luv your Christmas quilt! The HST are perfect too : )

  3. Simple blocks many times are some of the prettiest. And I remember your Santa quilt and it still makes me smile to see it. Merry Christmas


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