Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spiderweb Solids

I had my sewing room floor covered with the boxes where I keep my solids, and I was determined to get this block done before I cleaned up tonight.  I used some of my favorite low-volume text (an old one from Sweetwater about growing things), cut random strips and sewed sewed sewed.

I cut the strips in a variety of widths, with the largest (the green) at 2".  I do like having a variety of widths, but am thinking my only advice would be to cut them smaller--say, the largest at 1 1/2" width.  Perhaps because they are solids, the wider pieces pop out more, and I think are a little harder to work with.  I was trimming down a lot.

I think this is going to be a smashing quilt!


  1. Isn't this going to be cool! I sure like that text print.

  2. how colorful . . . good advice on the strip width too.

  3. I think it is going to be smashing as well!