Friday, November 11, 2016

November and December 2016

Nancy's trees were fun to make for our November 2016 Bee block.  I did follow Mary's suggestion to cut the base larger first, before slashing and sewing.  I left them large so that Nancy could trim them to her liking (making the slant so she likes it).  Very fun!

Then I ordered some Anna Maria Horner fabrics when Elizabeth posted her block, and they came really quickly from Hawthorne Threads.  I combined them with some I already had and used a Chuck Nohara block (#1290) as the basis for my designs.

I realized that the block I had requested from you all in January wouldn't look that great all by itself (it needs at least four to look great), so I asked Elizabeth R. if I could do a different block, and she agreed.  Hope these two (a 9" and a 12") will work into your sampler quilt.  It will be fun to see it when you get everything together!

I've enjoyed quilting with all my bee-mates for the last four years, and am glad Cindy asked us to come together in a Mid-Century Modern Bee: many thanks to her.  

I'll miss you all!


I finished my blocks for Anne near the end of October, but forgot to post here. 

I learned a new lesson in this block-making excursion. Anne wanted low-volume on all but one letter. I made four letters that did not work for me, before I realized that the low-volume letters had to use fabrics that looked to me very much darker than what I would say is low-volume. My final letters satisfied me. I hope Anne likes them.