Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Blocks

How fun were these baskets to make, anyway!!? Great fun, I think! Carla, I'm certainly tempted to start another project after making these for you. Hope you like them!
 Also, I realize that I forgot to create a blog post showing my block for Stephanie. I happened to have a few C&S fabrics which I included since she mentioned that she enjoyed them. One thing about PP blocks, they sure turn out exact size, thank goodness!!
In the past years, seeing photos of everyone's blocks on Flickr has created a real sense of community with this Bee, as well as motivation to get blocks done on time.
Happy Spring,
Carla T.


  1. It's fun seeing one person's interpretation of the months' blocks all together here! Thanks for posting these Carla...

  2. Cute baskets Carla! Thank you. I got 6 in the mail today ; )

  3. Love your blocks!! I have really enjoyed making new blocks and learning new skills, especially the baskets and last month's paper piecing. Love being a part of this bee group :-)!!!

  4. These are great blocks Carla! I'm making my baskets today so it's nice to see yours for inspiration. Love the block for Stephanie too. I must admit I forget to check this blog for updates and neglect to post my blocks here as well. Maybe when I finish Carla's baskets I will do a post here ;-)

  5. Carla,
    Beautiful baskets and a really cool block for Stephanie (love that turquoise text!). I can hardly wait to see Stephanie's and Carla's quilts. Agree with Rene on seeing everyone's projects together. I need to finish up my blog series on our bee's quilts!

  6. I love your blocks, Carla! I guess I didn't realize we should post our finished blocks here. I will do a post sometime to catch up! Thank you for the beautiful block. I treasure it!