Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June and July

I got behind. 
In fact, my sewing machine has been gathering dust while I've been busy getting our house ready to sell. 
But, over the weekend, I forced myself to sit down and sew what I knew would not be a fast block to make. Perseverance paid off.
It's clever and cute. But, boy howdy....!!
I chose yellow because no one else did...hope that's okay, Rene'!
I'm sorry that it's a bit late.
 On a roll, I'm excited to get Susan's star finished and in the mail early in the month of July. This block took concentration and precise seam allowances, but turned out to be pretty easy to make. I did resort to pins after having to rip out some seams that kept getting folded over on the back. Pins are good!
It was fun to find a good spot for this sewing-pattern-themed-fabric!
Enjoy, ladies.
I'll get them the mail tomorrow!


  1. Love them both Carla! I will be stalking the postman for your lovely block.... I hope he doesn't take a shine to it!

  2. These are both so great! The sunny yellow one was a good choice. Selling? I'm way behind on keeping up with you! :(

  3. I love the yellow Carla! It's such a happy block. Thank you for making it for me. Good luck with the selling. We just pit ours ok the market and I had a week to get it ready before going out of town. Not fun.

  4. Carla,
    These are beautiful! You inspire me to get going on Susan's block--thanks for the tips. Moving? Somewhere nearby--just a new place?

  5. I just love the yellow circle block. The little glasses in there are perfect for such a sunny block.

  6. They're both really cute, Carla! That yellow. Yum. And Susan's block is going to make such a neat quilt. Good stuff goin' on here.