Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dresdens and Bubbles

Thank you dear MCM Bee friends for your block contributions to my two gorgeous quilts I recently finished!

My Dresden quilt from my time as Queen Bee in December, 2014....

and my Bubble Bee quilt from June, 2015....

You can read more details on my blog here including lists of block makers.

Obviously, I could not have made these quilts without you.  I love the thought and time that each of you put into making your blocks for me.  This group is the best and I am so proud to be included.




  1. They both look fabulous! I love my quilts too Rene that I have from our group : )
    Very special

  2. Rene--
    Fun to see your finished quilts, and I'm quite happy to have been a contributor to your terrific creations. How lovely to have two finishes esp. at this time of year! Beautiful!