Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cool Blue and White Blocks

I had fun sewing the block that Elizabeth designed. Since her pattern is not ready for the public, I will only show a portion of the block.

My favorite, color since I can remember, has been blue. I have two, maybe three, times as many blue fabrics as any other color. I found only 3 colors I thought would work! The one I chose looks great with the Kona White. The block sewed up so nicely.

I used the Press Stick to get the seams straight without affecting the previously pressed seams.

I think the quilt will be spectacular with all the blues and white.


  1. Nancy,
    I love your blocks! Can't wait to see them with everyone else's. Good tip about the Straight Stick pressing tool. Thanks for making them for me.

  2. Such a pretty color blue. I have one of those pressing sticks as well. (I always forget about it....). That's funny you mentioned the amount of blue you have. I told Elizabeth that of all the colors in my stash, blue is the very least represented. I probably have three times the amount of pink (though I have never made a pink quilt!) than blue.

  3. Nice blues . . . I still need to choose mine and make the block. Don't have a presser stick but it does look helpful.