Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gibson Blocks

I thought you all might like to see all he blocks I've received so far, plus the one I made, laid out together.  Here is how they are looking!  I just love them.  Thank you, everyone!  I also appreciate the little extras some of you sent along (extra half square triangle units, selvages, goodies).  You are all the best!  Now, I will make some more blocks to make this larger, and then sash them.  I have that dark gray that I saved out for sashing.  I need to figure out how I want to do that.  I think I will keep the sashing skinny, as I don't want the gray to overpower everything.  What do you think?  I really love the play of the lights and darks, and I love the light and dark blocks mixed in with all the jumbled blocks.

As an update, the kids at the Kalamazoo Academy of Rock lost their place in the Gibson building.  The guitar manufacturer in there now has taken over the entire building.  So, this will be even more special to the group, as everyone loved the windows in there.  We will still raffle the quilt off.  I will talk to the owner of Kalamazoo Academy of Rock to see if the proceeds should still go to the building (in KAR's name) or to the group of kids doing the rock bands.  More to come!

Thank you everyone for your help with this!



  1. wow this is going to be so beautiful. Such pretty colors.

  2. Stephanie--
    Beautiful! I'd also be very happy if you kept it in your family as a lovely token for your daughter's time at the Gibson building, and for her to snuggle under. Fun to see these all together!