Saturday, February 22, 2014

Four More, Dashed

It's always fun to make churn dash blocks. Carla's tutorial makes them so easily, and in such an efficient way.
4-1/2" (unfinished) Churn Dash blocks
After cutting, I apply the "web" method of piecing together the patches. The web is the same way I put together a block quilt top. Like Carla's block-piecing method, using the web technique is efficient, and helps keep blocks the right direction.
Blocks as the web.
Row-piecing the web.
My blocks are going to Carla unsewn-together, so they can mix among those we sent her last year. Carla, we can't wait to see the juicy quilt this will be! Linda/FlourishingPalms


  1. Great idea Linda- web piecing and leaving them separate! And such pretty colours!

  2. Thanks for all of the yellow, Linda! I especially like the VW Bugs...I'll always think of your car when I see that block!!

  3. These are really cute. The VW was a great addition!

  4. Since I'm batch reading (sorry for filling up your email boxes), it's fun to see all the blocks together. And here's another cute set!