Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blueberry Cake with Mint Filling for Carla

I finished "baking" a blueberry cake with mint filling for Carla, as she requested lots of birthday cakes for her month as Queen Bee (February 2015).  This went together quickly, and I had fun thinking about birthdays and all of you--we are celebrating all our birthdays this month, I think!

I'd like to suggest that you check your printer settings to print at 100% scale.  I noticed they default to a smaller size, which will leave your block too small for what Carla requested.  (I was anxious to get this up on the blog and the block out the door, so sorry for the nighttime photo.)

Happy Birthday, everyone!


  1. Ah, I found out too late that mine is a little small! I've added a narrow strip to the bottom to compensate!

  2. How pretty! Thanks for the tip about the size. That's probably why the one that I made for you might be a little strange sized!