Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2015 Let's Have Cake

I'm excited to be the Queen Bee again. For my month I'd like to make a quilt full of yummy cakes using this free pattern by Ellison Lane.  Here are a couple of inspiration fabrics that have the colors that I'm going for: red, pink, yellow, chartreuse, aqua and orange. For the background of the cakes please use Kona White (not text as in the photo of Elizabeth's block above.) 
 These Riley Blake fabrics are just to show colors,not for you to have to go buy or anything. In fact, the white background and large design wouldn't work that great for the cake layers. I'm wanting them to look more "one flavor" when viewed from a distance, if that makes sense. 
When you decide on a cake "flavor" you might want to post it to the February topic on our Flickr site so that there will be a variety of cake colors. Thanks so much ladies....I hope that you enjoy baking  sewing this month's block!
Carla Timberlake


  1. Such fun colours! This is going to be wonderful!

  2. If I locate the proper ingredients in what I brought to FL I will bake your "cake" here, otherwise I will wait until I return to MN in March - okay Carla?

  3. Carla--
    Love this! I think we'll all be copying you next year!


  4. What a fun idea! I enthusiastically pulled my pinks and reds for you strawberry/raspberry shortcake and then discovered I had no Kona white! Not sure when I will get to the quilt shop, but hopefully before too long! I am really looking forward to making this one!

  5. Can I make lemon chiffon please? When we lived in Kansas, there was a woman in town who made legendary lemon cakes. People all over town bought them, and the recipe was a secret. When she died, she gave the family permission to print the recipe in the town newspaper and I still have it (somewhere). I will try to locate it and send it along with the block.