Friday, February 13, 2015

Juicy Fruit is Finished!

Wednesday night I put the last stitches in the binding of my MCM Bee quilt from 2013-14! Thank you all so much for the happy blocks that helped to make up this piece of sunshine in my life. It will be one of my favorites for all time!
 I used a grey/white dot for the backing and scattered a few extra blocks randomly down the back. The binding is Square Elements, in black.
 I even came up with a fun block design to highlight all of your little signature blocks! The quilt is machine quilted in my non-fancy style...leaves this time.
I'm so, so happy to have this one finished as I begin collecting new blocks for my next turn at being the Queen Bee. If you are interested in seeing more photos of Juicy Fruit you can find them here on my blog. 
Thank you, girls, you are my valentines!!


  1. Gorgeous!!! Love colors and 'non fency style' quilting))

  2. You had a wonderful vision Carla and it turned out amazing!

  3. Carla--
    And you are one of my Valentines, too! Thanks so much for posting this--I've always loved how you threw that giant churn dash in to vary the scale. And I love the signature blocks, all arranged. This is terrific!!


  4. Happy Valentine's Day Carla!!! Your quilt is beautiful!!! I love the happy color palette you selected. The extra large churn dash block is a nice addition too.

  5. Happy Valentine's to you too. This is certainly a beautiful finish. Love it.

  6. Perfect timing! And the back with the siggy blocks are a highlight for me! Happy Valentine's to you too, Carla!

  7. This is just too beautiful! And you put me to shame for not finishing any of my MCMB quilts! I must change that in 2015! I want to know... did you applique or piece the random blocks to the quilt back?

  8. This is SUCH a beautiful quilt. It inspires me to finish my MCM quilts as well!

  9. I love this quilt, Carla! It's so fun and cheery!