Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 blocks so far

Before I post about the block I have chosen while Queen Bee, I should share pictures of the MCM Bee blocks I have made so far in 2015.  I must admit to forgetting we have a blog...ooops ;-)

Quilter's choice for Elizabeth
Cake for Carla
Dresden for Cindy
Gorgeous Gertie for Stephanie
Baskets for Carla

Now I'm off to upload my photos to Flickr!  Stay tuned for details on June's block....


  1. How wonderful to see all your blocks together like this! Thanks for taking the time to share them here! What have you got in store for us???

  2. I'm SO glad you posted these blocks, Rene'! I admit to the very same thing--having a blog and needing to post on Flickr. I have a renewed desire to post on both--it promotes community within our group of amazing women and our progress is just so much fun to follow!

  3. Can't wait for those baskets ; )

  4. Rene--
    Superb to see all your fabulous blocks lined up like this! I love that we have this blog and a record of our quilts. I wonder if we can also start posting up the finished products, too (or the collection of blocks). It's nice to see our work in aggregate. Can't wait for your Flickr post--June is here and I'm ready!


  5. Can't wait to see what you choose, Elizabeth. I guess I better go check out Flickr.