Friday, June 12, 2015

April and May

 Just a little late with these but I wanted to post them anyway.

I enjoyed making Stephanie's block for April. It was a good way to remind myself how to paper piece--which will come in handy for Rene's block.

And after precision sewing, it was so much fun to make these little baskets. I just know Carla's quilt is going to be a fun one, and I have plans to make one for myself. Or maybe I should just wait until it's my turn again and you all can help me. :)
NOTE: notice how "foggy" this picture seems?While you may think I used some weird filter, I noticed that one day all my pictures had the same foggy look. I turned my phone over and looked at the lens--it was covered with chocolate! What?? I'm sure it was the grandkids....


  1. Haha. The grandkids . We'll go with that ; )
    Love my blocks and thank you for the extra goodies. Love the cards!

  2. Cindy--
    Right. The grandkids. I had a friend once take photos of a quilt in another state and all her photos were blurry too. It's a reminder to me to constantly clean my iPhone lens. . . just in case there might be chocolate on it, or something.

    Fun to see your baskets (that selvage one!! perfect) and Stephanie's block. I love seeing our mini quilt shows every month!

  3. How fun to see what you're working on. Looks like some challenging stuff here, but as always, everyone rises to the occasion.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful block, Cindy. I love it! Love the baskets you did for Carla, too!