Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bubbling my Way Through June for Rene!

I finished Rene's block for June 2015, and while it wasn't trivial, I love the look of it and so glad I was able to have a go at it.

I took Rene's advice and used strong contrasts in my lights and darks.  I'd suggest paying attention to what fabrics go where on the larger outer strips in both the color and the print.  I used light-to-white backgrounds with an occasional creamy yellow thrown in for variety.

I started out chain stitching, or. doing the same step on all four quadrants before heading to press, etc.  But by about steps 10 and 11 (the piecing is well marked) I found it easier -- brain wise --  to just stick with one quadrant and finish it off.

I found that occasionally the crisp geometrics seemed to go soft, or wonky, even though I was pressing and stitching carefully.  I can only chalk it up to stitching on one side of the line or the other, but I think it's not noticeable in the grand scheme of things (at least I hope not!).

I think Rene' is smart to have us all help her on this, as it would be a hard quilt to make all by yourself, though certainly not impossible.   I was happy to help!


  1. Glad that one is over!! ;-)) Did you notice that we have made two of the circles from our MCM bee logo?!

  2. It's perfect Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your block and feedback for the others.

  3. Your block is beautiful, Elizabeth! I love it!