Thursday, June 11, 2015


I love bubbles- blowing bubbles, bubble bath and champagne bubbles. In fact, amongst some of my friends, Bubbles is my nickname!

But I was certainly happy to have this "Bubble" finished! I seemed to get worse as I went along, but that may have just been general sewing fatigue.
I love how these look, but could not imagine making a whole quilt of them!

I did notice however that Elizabeth and I seem to have made two of the four circles of our MCM Bee logo...

Anyone want to make a MCM Bee quilt?!



  1. I love your red block Susan! That "get your groove on" strip is awesome! Thank you for contributing to my next block will be a faster one, I promise ;-)

  2. Terrific bubble, Susan!
    I think this will be a terrific quilt--and I love that word strip in the corner too!


  3. Your block is beautiful! I haven't started mine yet as, well, it's not even the middle of the month yet! But I do think it will be a lovely quilt. And yes, I think a logo quilt would be awesome!