Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bubble Blocks for June

All the details for June's block are posted on our Flickr group page.  I have selected Aylin's bubble block.  (Her full pattern can be purchased here if you're interested.)  I have emailed each of you a template for one quadrant of one block.  You will need to make four copies to assemble one 12.5" (unfinished) block.

blue bubble block
This is a paper pieced pattern, but I found it goes rather quickly, especially if you chain piece the four quadrants.  This somewhat reduces the number of times you need to get up, press, trim, etc.  I also found that I could stitch a "light" and a "dark" before having to trim...this works until the last few rounds when the lights and darks are side by side.  This should make sense once you are working on your block, but if not, please email me with questions.

A few items to note:

  • Make sure your printer is set to actual size.  There isn't a "test" square, but the printed block should measure 6" square.  The paper pieced block is 12.5" unfinished.  Remember to allow a 1/4" seam when trimming.
  • I would like a signature block.  I did not mention that on Flickr because I thought that was a given ;-)
  • The bubble is easier to recognize when strong colors (within your color selection) are chosen for the darks and that the scrappy lights aren't too dark.  You can use my block as an example of what NOT to do ;-)
  • Some of the strips are rather narrow.  I found using a dab from my glue stick helped hold those in place when stitching.

I thank all of you in advance for making this block for me!!!  I know it isn't the fastest one I could have chosen.  Our bee rocks!!!


  1. I must paper piece differently to you Rene because I couldn't chain piece these! I seemed to go a bit wonky in spots- not sure whether that was my sewing or the pressing!? Hopefully it will pass scrutiny.... Will post a photo in the daylight!

  2. Hi Rene--
    I finished mine and wrote it up to be a companion bubble to yours. This is going to be a great quilt! (Can hardly wait to see the finished piecing-the-top photo on our Flickr so we can see how we all bubbled together!)